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Calling Anubis!


I was wondering what happened to him @Anubis Are you alright?


Yeah I wondered happened to him.
Let us know how you are doing @Anubis!


Seen 4 hours ago…


I’d like to hear from him as well. I have some programming questions for him that I think he’d be able to help with.


What kind of questions? I used to be a Java software developer in my hey day :blush:


Hello everybody! :smiley: Thanks for wondering about me!
I’m doing very good!

My breakdown is over now. My health is 100% again :slightly_smiling_face:. I am working at my new job since 3 weeks now. Everything is going very well and I am happy.

I decided to come less often in this forum because I was almost kind of addict to it and I thought that it was not helping me.

I really hope you are all fine and that everything is going well for you! :wink:

Take care!