Called the crisis line tonight

I called my local crisis line tonight, they’re now sending a mobile team out to my apartment to assess me and it’s 2am. Seeing shadow figures and hearing lots of commanding voices tonight


I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to lose my job if I get hospitalized again, I also don’t know what I’d do with my dog Julia if I were hospitalized. She’s my service dog, but not all hospitals allow in service dogs to stay.


I’m sorry this is happening. It sounds like a hospital trip might be helpful to your mental health but hurtful to your job security. Do you feel you need to visit the hospital to keep stable?

If so, reach out to your job and let them know you had a medical emergency and won’t be in tomorrow. Write their number down on paper or if they’re going to take things from you at intake, write it on your skin. This way you can reach out to your job and aren’t just MIA out of nowhere.

I know it’s easier said than done but do your best to stay calm. Be honest with the mobile team. Tell them your concerns about your dog.

Call a friend or family member right now to see if they can care for Julia. Just in case they don’t allow her into the hospital. Leave a key for them to be able to get to her if they’re not able to come by immediately.

Most of all good luck @Hanna_Foxx i know this is scary for a multitude of reasons. Soon it will be in the past. I hope you are okay soon.


I have no family within 1000 miles of me and my only friend is my partner who just flew home out of state for the week



Right now we don’t know what their assessment will be. If they decide to take you in, be firm with them about taking your dog with you. Tell them there is no one to care for her and it would cause you more stress to leave her alone.

Just in case, set out lots of food and water. Do this now. Most times you’re in for 72 hours, your pup will be okay if you have to leave her. Though I really hope they just allow her in.

I don’t know for sure but I imagine it’d be pretty hard to turn her away if she’s already been transported to the hospital with you in the mobile teams vehicle. See if you can get her in the vehicle with you.


I wouldn’t recommend you leave her unless you are certain you’ll be out in a few days, especially if you have nobody to look out for her. My sister had to break my window to rescue my cat after I got sectioned was no in no fit state to mentally do anything about the cat. Thank you to my sister.


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I hope you and your dog are ok. Please update us when you can. I’m worried now

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Well the crisis team came out last night. They recommended a hospital but I wasn’t sure what to do about my dog so we didn’t go we just talked and calmed down the situation. Finally got to sleep around 5am and slept till now(12pm)


That’s good u got some sleep that sometimes helps

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How do you feel now?

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Doing okay but it’s day time so I’m bound to be better during the day. I managed to get an emergency appointment with my psychiatrist for tomorrow at 2:30 so I just have to hold on till then


Yes I have had crisis treatment come out to where I’m at to evaluate. Just relax they’re there to help you. Hugs.

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Oh cool . Well get to feeling better!

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This is great news! I hope you get the help you need!

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Hope you are okay :+1:

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