Called in sick today, I feel worthless

Lately I haven’t had any energy. Everything is a chore, and today anxiety is acting up.
So I called in sick, and now I feel like absolute garbage.
Like, they require me for three hours at a time, how can I not even get my shite together for that?
Why can’t I muster the energy to clean myself and my flat?
Just thinking about it zaps my energy.

If anyone is familiar with spoon theory, I’ve been running very low on spoons lately.

I asked some online friends and they told me not to feel bad, as they know I’m sick, but I just feel like people are still silently judging me.
I’m 29. Doing the dishes, getting in the shower, putting on work clothes and getting on the bus shouldn’t drain all my energy.
I should be able to to those things like a functioning adult.
I mean ffs I’m almost 30!

How do I stop judging myself like that?
I recognise it’s not a healthy thought pattern, but I don’t know how to break out of it.
Some might say focus on the positives. What positives? That I managed to eat breakfast? Woooow, it’s not like even a toddler can eat breakfast [/sarcasm]


I’m just having a low confidence, low energy, low mental health day


Eat a spoonful of coffee.

I’m sorry, I know that was probably meant as a joke, but it came across a little insensitive to my problems.
Also I keep drinking coffee and it only works for like half an hour.

Very good. Well done.

I have been low energy all the time since I got on Amisulpride. So I feel for you. I tried 100mg Magnesium everyday, it helps a bit.

How do I stop myself from getting into this negative thought spiral regarding myself?

I had to call out of work for mental health reasons a few times with my last job. I felt guilty every time but it helped when I tried to reframe it in my mind as being no different than calling out for the flu or any other physical health reason like other people do.

Sorry you’re not feeling well.

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You have to be really neurotic about avoiding foods that cause brain inflammation. Like, anything with high fat or high sugar, wheat or dairy, and probably eggs, will usually inflame your brain and cause you to sink into a negative symptom / negative thought spiral.

Avoiding those foods helps me keep my mood even and good and allows me to be somewhat productive. It’s still very touch and go though since I’m still trying to figure out my food triggers.

I’m sorry you are feeling this way, but please don’t beat yourself up. You have an illness. You took a sick day. No big deal. And even normies can be messy, and they don’t have an excuse like we do. Don’t feel like you are a mess. If you do, I’ll have to join you in feeling bad about yourself because my home is a wreck at the moment, and I can’t hold down a job at all. I’m 35. Wanna have a pity party with me? (((Nova)))



Motivation comes in waves, so it’s important to have something in place to help us get through the days when we’re not motivated. Having a routine, doing things exactly the same, in small steps, can help on those days when we have no motivation. We find ourselves doing things without even thinking about it; and that’s very helpful getting started on a task, which is usually the hardest part of doing a task.

Maybe you can do things the night before, but if you can’t just start walking towards the dishes. Grab a sponge, etc., etc. Small steps, the same sequence every time. An example: to take a shower grab your work clothes, walk to the shower, remove clothes, run water…do you think you would take a shower at that point? Probably more so than not.

As for mental energy, I think that comes from physical movement. Not necessarily exercise, but from walking around, moving the body. Again, walking around is easy, and we want to make the first step easy.

Hopefully having a routine will help get us through the times when we have no motivation.


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