Call of the wild

Yes… till I realized that most woods and forests are gone. Especially ancient and old ones. Google maps was sobering to realize how much human settlement there is on Earth and how little precious nature. Made me very sad.

I know different places, like inner dimensions… instead of outer realms. Inner realms can be more beautiful and learned about it a while ago and looking forward exploring it in myself instead of in the outer world, which is rather harsh and less dreamy.

i live between the beach and the jungle. i love nature. we got lizzards here the size of komodo dragons. it is nice to get in tune with nature.

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this isn’t what I thought it would be.
I saw the movie the Call of the Wild as a child with my mom and my aunt.
couldn’t stop bawling.

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My voices tell me to take a long distance bus out of town. I take their suggestions for a lot of things but I’ve gone wandering before and I almost didn’t come back. I was out of my mind and gradually made it back to the planet.

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You already participated in a discussion of this topic on this forum. Here is my reply that is still applicable. Choosing homelessness - #31 by vladyslavbond

Individuals who suffer from mental illness tend to want to wander off from their home, regardless of the accommodations. This is especially pronounced with paranoid delusions

Yes, most schizophreniacs experience something similar. The wildest case I ever heard about on this exact forum is a man in Texas driving around with a gun while paranoid, delusional and psychotic.

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