Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out - follow the latest news


Stop releasing new COD games; they’re all the same.

Just start making DLC, jeez.


are we to say this a need to fill or a fantasy out of control

I am so bad a COD it’s not even fun for me to play :joy:

Neither, it’s just a game.

I wish I could game. I hope with my new meds that one day I can go back to it.

I really liked the old Modern Warfare. I should think this will be an improvement on the last one I played where everyone had jet packs.

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I put thousands and thousands of hours into the old cod games like cod4 and modern warfare 2. I was in the top 500 on the leader boards in mw2. I had pro’s scouting my games and stuff. I was well known on ps3 and people would leave the lobby when they saw my clan. I had a 68 game win streak in mw2. I’ve given up on playing cod and moved on to Overwatch.

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