California dreaming

I’ve lived my whole life in California. My state is known for a lot of great things like The Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, the technological boom, and having the terminator as our governor.

But we are known for something that we would rather not be known for and that is earthquakes. Yes, this is earthquake country and we’ve had some big ones. We have a major fault line called The San Andreas Fault. It runs through the middle of California and is the epicenter of hundreds of earthquakes.

But when I was a kid living in San Fransisco in 1969 the much talked about rumor was that we were due for a huge earthquake from the San Andreas Fault that would cause California to fall into the Pacific ocean. Believe it or not, many, many people believed this no matter how improbable it was, Well, trained scientists gave us the exact day that this would happen.

So on that day, A hundred hippies went to the San Andreas Fault with crowbars and they all tried to pry the fault line to help California slide into the ocean. It was quite funny.


Is El Nino producing enough rain to put a dent in the drought you’re having? If so, how much of a dent?

Hi … I’m a native Southern Californian myself. I’ve hardly ventured out of the area. I experienced the big Northridge earthquake some 20 years ago. That “trip” sure tripped me out of my mind and lifestyle. For instance, I now usually sleep with some sort of light on because that biggg earthquake occurred I think about 4:30am, in the wee hours of a January. All lights went kaput and it was certainly pitch black – indoors and outdoors, excepting the stars way up in the sky.

Well, I sure hope to never meet another earthquake like that one, to say the least.


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So far, in SoCal, El Niño hasn’t done much. I think we’ve only had two big days of rain. But the predictions are there, and I believe are set for up to three months’ time. We shall see how the forecasters forecasting goes.

I must add though it’s sure colder as of these beginning days in 2016. The past years have been warm or hot all year long.

I don’t know. It hasn’t rained that much this winter.

they weren’t the peace and love hippies then !?! :scream:
" peace out people !?! "
take care :alien:

I remember reading about that scientific theory that California would some how jump off the edge of the plate and fall into the ocean… right along the man made lines of the border.

That’s Ok… there was a scientific theory that the water in the Puget Sound will suddenly turn into a tsunami and wipe out Seattle… No other coastal cities like Shoreline, or Burien or Tacoma… Only Seattle… and with the Sound being a sound… I guess it will have to tsunami the other side on the way back… so it will be like a see-saw crashing back and fourth.

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