Caffeine pills vs caffeine in coffee?

I had a terrible experience with caffeine pills and quit them. I drink coffee in the morning and at 12 noon. I like to sleep in the evening. I’m usually asleep at this time but I’m altering my schedule. No fun going to sleep at six and getting up at two a.m. Now I’m awake too late for my liking. I drink very, very strong coffee, but limit myself. It barely has an effect, my meds are too powerful.

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You can die from too much caffeine. Hard to drink enough coffee to do that. Stay away from the pills!

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Yea I won’t get the pills as its easy to take too much. I am obese and too much caffeine can cause a heart attack.

Yeah, that’s why I’m down to 1-2 cups of coffee products per day and all of the tea I drink is caffeine free. Something that induces irregular heartbeat in someone who already has problems with an irregular heartbeat turns out to be just asking for it.


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i dont get jitters from energy drinks or tea but coffee makes my stomach kind of anxious


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