Caffeine Pills FTW

I just got my caffeine pills from amazon. 250 pills, a serving is one pill and that’s 100mg a serving. All for $10.

Lexapro is working well for me in other news. Maintains my happiness better than without taking an AD. I had a question. Would you guys classify thought broadcasting as a delusion? Like I have delusions most, followed by disorganized thinking and hallucinations. I think schizoaffective disorder is a constellation of symptoms. Like they intertwine or something. I might mention this at my next pdoc appt. It’s a ways away tho.

How are you guys doing? I haven’t really posted much here in awhile and I apologize. I’ve been busy working my dream job as a security officer. I really like my job. I make $14.50/hour working full time. I do four 10 hour shifts a week usually. It’s a dedicated post at a car dealership. Mostly pretty quiet, you get the occasional trespasser.

The other night I was working and listening to the police scanner, and playing my phone game. (Clash of Clans) I was counting how much gold it cost to battle and subtracting that from my winnings to find my more accurate winnings, or profit in gold. As soon as I find the number, and I think to myself, 266k, I think the police unit #266 radioed in and said “266”. At the same time! And there’s a 15 minute delay. Weird, huh?

This other time my description was broadcast over the police scanner! It was because I walked close by police/EMS stopping to help someone at a homeless camp. They gave my exact description! Next time there’s an emergency scene off my property, I’ll just stay away I think. It’s not like I’m doing anything illegal. What would you guys do?

I can get ninety 200 mg caffeine pills for $3.43 at Walmart.

Wow! That’s a good deal. I’ll check it out sometime.

I used to use them. I might need to start again for those tough mornings. I still have a bunch. They are 200s

Cool. Thanks for sharing!! Have a great day, everyone!

Oh yah ‘nodoz’ are great feel good pills :slightly_smiling_face:

Be really careful. You can be tempted to take more. I did that recently and almost end up back in the psych ward.

Thank you for the info. I appreciate it. Sending positive vibes…peace love and happiness!

I also have 200mg pills here in Germany. I don’t feel any difference on them though :confused: It just relaxes me somewhat, like a paradox reaction. Might aswell enjoy coffee! :slight_smile: