these days i look like a biker… not on purpose…just the clothes i wear…etc…!!
so i went to a posh cafe on the ’ gold coast ’ up north…
so a few customers seemed very unhappy with me being there ?
just the odd look…
a mutter…
not brave enough to say it to my face…
normally this would have pissed me off…
but i am more just annoyed…with the ’ judgement ! '
this is a huge improvement for me…
normally i would have wanted to kill them…
and my rage would go out of control… :wolf:
but i am a little angry…more just annoyed.
take care :alien:


I understand your anger, but don’t do anything you will regret. Don’t get in trouble with the police. Once the law gets you no longer have control over your life. They have control over what you and when to do it.

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Think about it as a compliment. :wink:

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That is great that you were able to control your reaction! I’m working on controlling my anger too. I don’t get violent, I just say mean things to people, but it’s not me. I was different before I got ill. Want to get back to my old self.

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@Sarad thanks :heart: …that helped to turn the thought around in my head,
and look it differently :blush:
@anon9798425 good on you for controlling the anger :rage: from that to this :smiley: .
take care :alien:

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Think positive dude! You obviously are aware of their ignorance and as long as you aren’t part of it then its all good.

But once you interact with them in any way you become part of their world and by consequence their ignorance.

People think that im stuck up and arrogant because I don’t interact with them and in most cases completely ignore them but I don’t care ,I figure that their perceptions have no relevance on how I feel or live ,thats what counts.

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Well, I like to say that haters gonna hate, and potatoes gonna potate.

When was the last time a potato actually confronted you? People know better than to do so. I’ve investigated a little bit about how we scz sometimes get these antisocial symptoms. It’s the scz. It is listed as a clear confound and better explanation for antisocial symptoms than actual antisocial personality disorder. I went dark and twisted when I became scz. I still am to a degree, but I am hard on myself and I am very conscientious on purpose.

The thing is, people can talk all they want, but virtually no one has said anything to my face because I am very capable of ending their life and statistically more likely to do so as a member of the scz population.

I hear enough voices anyways. Lol

That’s an antisocial reaction to being victimized. As far as we people with scz can tell, we know to the best of our knowledge that we are victimized. What happens with some people, scz or not, is that repeated victimization just turns them dark. What I mean by that is that we become engraged and truly desire to kill when we are feeling like someone is victimizing us. We see a solution to the suffering people inflict. Yeah, this makes sense.

What we do is we have the opposite of learned helplessness. We become…the hunters instead of the hunted.

Now that’s all nice and scary, but we can instead become wounded healers and at least help each other out.

Dude, I have the same anger problems. What is worse is that I actually am lethal. The saving grace is that I study this ■■■■ and am well aware of it. I’m unlikely to hurt someone. On average, people with scz are a bit more likely, but it’s pretty much the same likelihood of someone who just had three beers…think of how many people just had three beers in the world right now and how many of them aren’t hurting anyone. Really, the fact is that we are more often victims than perpetrators of crimes.

But yeah the last time someone said something to my face, I told him I could easily kill him and that changed his attitude.

Some people just become intolerant of abuse. When I see other mentally ill people treated unjustly, I become enraged. I’m getting a little enraged as I write this.

I don’t know, is it a good idea to ■■■■ with someone who has been through all seven circles of hell? Or is that maybe dangerous? Maybe the public should decide. We aren’t as dangerous as they think we are. We are less outwardly aggressive and more reactively aggressive. That means we don’t go looking for trouble. We just get pissed off when people start trouble.

End rant


My ex girlfriend and I used to do all our shopping in the rich grocery store just to get glares from everyone. She has a toddler who is half Indian, so seeing the gay couple with an interracial baby was just too much for some people. It gave us a laugh.

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I thought we were statistically less likely to commit violent crimes than the general population. Am I wrong? Or did you just mean from the point of view of a neurotypical?

We’re a little more likely to commit a crime but far more likely to be the victim. The outliers are responsible for this- think of all the unmedicated very low insight people- they are the ones who commit the crimes.

But being one pill away from being dangerous isn’t very good either. That’s actually part of my research, the whole one pill away from unpredictable thing.

I’m having some scz issues tonight I might add, I just talked to my reflection and we didn’t know what day it was.

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Do you have links to any studies? I feel kind of stupid, I’ve been going around telling everyone the rate of violent crimes among people with schizophrenia is no higher than the rate among the general population. Now I think I may have just misunderstood when I was told we are more likely to be victims.