Caesarean babies have lower level of 'good' gut bacteria, study shows

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If we could do it over again we wouldn’t have had five emergency c-sections. It’s not like we had a choice in the matter when our babies needed to be removed. I hate these kinds of articles that are designed to make the parents feel guilty like they chose to have c-sections. This article doesn’t need to be here.

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What the article doesn’t state is that after a year everything is back to normal in the babies. I read that somewhere else regarding this research.


I don’t like these kinds of articles. I think they are un-supportive. It has nothing to do with schizophrenia.

In all fairness, they did slip in there that differences decrease as the children get older, but they kind of just glossed over that part.

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Eh, I think it’s okay. He’s in the lounge, after all. And it’s not like the titles on these posts are deceiving. You knew exactly what you were clicking on.

It’s a factual article. I don’t think it’s in any way purposely done to make parents feel guilty. Though I agree if they didn’t say c- sections are sometimes unavoidable they should have done.

Your opinion. I have my own.

Hence why it’s not in any of the psychosis/schizophrenia related sections. As for being
‘unsupportive’ it’s about a health concern. It would be more unsupportive if people didn’t have access to such articles.

I don’t come to to be told this. There are millions of articles saying how natural births are better for babies in every way which has been proven. It’s not by choice that our babies may be sicker than normal deliveries. I just don’t want to read it here.

I’m sorry the article upset you. I’m sure the last thing @firemonkey wants to do is upset people. I had to have one of my own news stories locked as it upset someone. I felt bad about it.

This is turning into a witch hunt , and quite frankly it’s ridiculous. Should we, as supposedly intelligent people , refrain from posting some articles because it’s not positive health news ?

Maybe I do get upset about this issue because I’ve had countless people, friends and strangers tell me that it’s my fault that my babies had health issues. Our youngest was born at 27 weeks and in the NICU for three months. It wasn’t my choice. So I understand that there are drawbacks to having c-section babies but sometimes there is nothing we can do about it. I’m done talking about this.

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You are unable to see it from my perspective. So that is your problem. There is no witch hunt. I’m just expressing the fact that I don’t like that it’s on a schizophrenia support site. If I wanted to read about the dangers of c-sections then I would go to some other place.

I accept the article hit a raw nerve for historical reasons that have nothing to do with me. However I am not a mind reader and had no way of knowing that. This may primarily be a site for discussion of psychosis/schizophrenia , but the lounge section is for general posts. We are people above having psychosis/schizophrenia , and the lounge reflects that.

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Okay but @anon78876561. You’re one of my best friends, and I care about your well being, but you read the same title as everyone else and still chose to click on not only the post, but the article as well. It’s not fair to determine that people shouldn’t be allowed to post non schizophrenia related articles because you don’t like them. The lounge isn’t for schizophrenia support, it’s for off topic discussion. @firemonkey is not breaking any rules by posting here. Being annoyed isn’t a valid reason to censor someone.

No one’s calling you or any of the millions of other mothers who get c-sections evil, and those that do are idiots. Sometimes, vaginal birth simply isn’t a viable option. We know this. We respect this. We don’t think you’re a bad mother or a bad person. We love you.

These are the kinds of posts for me that are triggering. Which might be a surprise to you because I’m not triggered by much. I agree that he has a right to post what he wants. And I don’t need to click on the articles. So ultimately it’s my fault. But I work very hard at avoiding the emotional things that do cause me stress that are very personal to me. If this is what is going to cause me stress, there is nothing I can do about it. Everything was said in the headline I didn’t even need to click on the article. We’re still friends @Sardonic You can defend who you like. I wasn’t attacking firemonkey, but the article made me upset. Big difference.

I totally agree. I had a cesarean with my daughter because it was the only way to keep her and I both healthy and alive. One year of shitty gut health was totally worth it in my opinion.

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