Cable And Internet Were Out

:scream: My whole life come to a sudden stop, I was forced to do productive things to keep me busy :open_mouth:

Sympathy please…


I just assume my isp is having technical issues or they are doing maintenance when that happens

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that happened during nights, a few months ago; so I would just go to bed early. :disappointed_relieved:

but nowadays, I’ve been quite busy… I could probably read a few pages in a book or exercise during unexpected non-internet hours…

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I don’t know what was wrong but my ip changed a couple of days ago and modem has been showing way to much activity. I even switched routers to get a new IP thinking I got a bad one but no luck, now they fixed whatever it stopped showing so much activity

spoke to soon the activity is now back :frowning: not a good thing for a sz person

I’m out cleaning gutters for 9 hours in the snow :joy:


Sympathy from me! I don’t have cable tv (it’s not really necessary in Australia), but I hate it whenever the internet goes down. Stupid selective modem, toying with my heart.

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Probably windows 10 downloading a huge update that you don’t want or need.


yeah, those long updates when I get a whole bunch of unknown apps added to my desktop/ home menu, and I get so scared because then I just can’t tell the difference between an update and a virus. :disappointed_relieved:


Productive and “healthy” people will say that internet and video games are the curse, I’d say it can be a form of medicine in right context. It also is very slippery road because normal kids/adults get addicted on video games too, because of how powerful dopamine signaling is.

I heard that in states they actually started working with recovering veterans, where normal procedures usually inflicts pain some kind. While they play video game for instance and nurse doing whatever she is doing, the pain and discomfort would subside.

For me… I put a sticker on my video camera. (Boohoo fuckers don’t see me now) and off I go. I’ts been nothing but profound experience, my head becomes clear and empty of destructive things. Like empty empty.

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No, it started 2 days ago when my ip changed and has been going ever since, very odd

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