C nearly died!

C nearly got shot (as in they actually shot at him). He seems pretty cool and collected about the whole thing but I’m a little upset. I didn’t hear about it till just now. He said that he didn’t feel like telling the story again so he just text me telling me to read his mom’s facebook status.

Has anyone else here had this experience or know someone who has? What helped them? What was the best thing to do? I know my freaking out isn’t going to help but I’m afraid he might take it badly if I just completely distance. What do I do?

Do you have any ideas @notmoses

He comes from a rough background and he saw someone die once (the guy wanted to kill C but C’s friend killed him first).

C = Cousin?!?!?!?

C, my fiancee. His name starts with C.

Oh wow, that must be traumatic!

I wish I had advise but I don’t. :frowning:

I was thinking when did the forum turn into a programming board…

sorry that happened :heart:
my neighbour commited suicide and put a shotgun in his mouth and died …obviously .
i went up with the paramedics and saw him there… he was leaning against the fence looking up into the paddock.
he was so peaceful. :rainbow:
:heart: he was a top bloke. :heart:
take care :alien:

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I am so sorry @onceapoet but all of my stories about guns are violent and would not help, I had to deal with the after effects of shootings for each person that is shot or shot at. They deal with it with they own strengths and ways one of the first things is normal for him to not want to re tell the story over and over as is can act like a re living it, so i would not worry about that.

You know C better than us so is up to you on how to cover this when you see him, i would say just be supporting and let him let you in his own way it may take time for all the details etc to come out again normal getting shot at is a very stressful and out right scary thing being a police officer, soldier or someone on the other side of the tracks is still scary etc.

You got the shock effect and all that goes down trust in yourself and in C and with time; love and care you both can and im sure move past this in being together.


When my dad shot himself in the throat with a shotgun, he blew most of his head all over the room. I’m wondering how your neighbor had a face to even look peaceful. “Peaceful” is certainly not an adjective I’d use to describe the room my dad died in.

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he had put the shotgun in his mouth and blew the back of his head out.

remember you had an emotional connection to your dad…therefore it was never going to be a peaceful event for you…and i am sorry for you :heart:
he was my neighbour who i respected and still do…but he also had alkziemers…and was going to die not the man he was…but the shell of the man he was.
he took a brave step into the unknown.
and when i looked at him sitting there i only had admiration for him and felt peace for him. :heart:
take care :alien:

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Thank you Derpy :smile:

I’m sorry I didn’t get back on and give an update. I called C (I’m on vacation at my grandparent’s several states away) and I was finally able to get the full story and he seemed so chill that he was actually the one telling me to calm down.

He was down by the soccer field when a group of five kids came up. I mean kids. The oldest was fifteen, and he was the oldest by several years. He didn’t really go into it but he said the fifteen year old wasn’t into what was happening. One younger ones pulled a gun on C and shot. When C wasn’t hit he took out his knife and started at them. They all ran.

C thinks that the bullets might have been blanks and the kid didn’t know any better. Apparently this clutch of eggs styles themselves as a little ‘gang’ and walks around together wearing black hoodies and trying to act tough. I hope they got it scared out of them because the next person they shoot at might have a gun of their own.

Damm kids playing at “Gang” one of the is going to be the hospital not to far soon :confused: Nothing cool about gangs or that lifestyle i know i come form it. that’s sounds like only a hard knock is going to make that clear on those kids.
Is be a god sent if the rounds was blanks sill blanks are hurt you at a close range, happy is turned out to be not as bad as feared, for both yourself and C

Take care :heart: and have a good hols whatever that maybe :smile:


I (luckily) wasn’t with him.

Well if he comes from a hard background then he will probably take it as an everyday thing. I did when I got beat up in elementary. Now if it was someone he knew, it will probably be a lot worse. If you want to be there for him go right ahead, people like me enjoy that sort of thing. I say that as a person who also comes from a rough background as I don’t know your fiance’ but I believe people who do enjoy strong wills.

Yeah “gangs” are tough when they have people to “gang up” on you. Real tough guys need help to fight one person.

When my great grandparents’ car got bombed as I discussed somewhere else on this forum a little bit ago, and I was a really young kid, I kinda just was like “wow” and then stopped actively thinking about it after I woke up the next day but that’s just me I guess. No one got hurt at all because the bomb went off at the wrong time, so I don’t see any point that I should’ve been concerned about that event.

I’ll never forget though that night when the inside of it was glowing bright orange from the fires consuming the inside of it.