By the river of my memory

This is about the 5th time I’ve done it. I’ve known for a month that this is the day I get my shot. I’ve been going to my clinic on Fridays for a year to get my monthly shot of Resperidone. And I keep doing the same thing and missing it.

I write it on my calendar and get up early and give myself plenty of time to get there. But in between going out to my car parked out back and going to the end of my street I’ve turned the wrong way 5 separate times. Instead of going left to the clinic, I totally forget about the shot and I turn right and get on the freeway for work. And by the time I remember about the shot, I’m twenty minutes away and don’t have time to backtrack and go to the clinic.

The women at the clinic are always nice about it so far but I know it must me irritating for them and throw them off their schedule a little.
Damn memory! “Gentle on my Mind” my ass.


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