By mollycoddling our children, we're fuelling mental illness in teenagers


Never heard this term Mollycoddling

Must be a British thing

I feel my parents shunned me and protected me from the world too much

I was told not to blame my parents for my mental illness though.

I heard things like “mental illness isn’t from bad parenting”

My parents kind of neither loved me too much nor loved me too little .

In the sense they kind of protected me and neglected me at the same time I thought.

They protected me from the world, but didn’t really give me much attention growing up.

I mean they would do things for me, but that was bad too. Because they never taught me how, just made it seem it would get done somehow someway.

They say parents often are there too much or too little in the kids mind well I felt it was BOTH. In my situation.

Also i don’t think my parents are that smart when it comes to politics and social issues. They’re blatantly biased and racist and stuff. That’s no influence I’d want on MY kids. I don’t think it’s intelligent to try to implement those biases into your kids life. They obviously have it way different than I ever did. They kind of live in their own world. I don’t, these days I think.


Many times, I’d ask when Beth was young coming home from school

if she needed a hug

then I stopped asking in high school

just told her that I needed a hug.


You were being real with her. My mom was never real with me. She makes out everything to be perfect in my family. My mom has done that in recent years. But would never growing up. It was odd dynamics in my family. But not unbelievable. I was always messed up. It wasn’t till it was clear I was that my parents ever really did anything about it. I guess it could be real tough. I’m just saying. Not blaming here.

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my mom may have felt guilt over their terrible divorce

over me sharing a bed with her in a cramped apartment

and me playing alone in the walk in closet

my dad’s family would kiss on the lips

I don’t believe I ever got a kiss from my mother

I did it often with my kids though

much to my mom’s dismay.

It’s true, a lot of it is genetics and predisposition

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