By embracing help, there is hope: Author With Schizophrenia's Message for the New Year


Yes, I can, and I have captured my dreams in my poetry and prose collection on the Kindle. And I hope you will too, if you think your dreams are worth sharing.


i have kept a dream journal but i stopped as my dream recollection got stronger but i still could not capture the wonder of my dreams in writing,

i had a dream dictionary that gave me possible meanings to distinct things within my dreams but altho it was good to try to work out and add meaning to my dreams the fact was that i could not capture the actual event in writing,

i would need to hook my brain up to a monitor and record for that but even that still would not capture the actual wonder of the dream.

its like witnessing god at work you know x

not that i obsess over dreams or anything but i would like to read a book that could give me that sensation. it would be a masterpiece.


Try Philip K Dick. He’s awesome.


i am lord dark sith…hahahahahaha (that was my evil laugh ! ) .
take care
p.s welcome to the site .