Buzzing and Bees

Ive been hearing the buzzing for a while. Sounds like bees. Everywhere I go.
I already know that bees are watching us. and they control just about everything.
but they are so close now.
Does anybody else hear the buzzing>>>?

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Bzzzzzzt :honeybee:
Nope I just hear :snake:sssss

I kicked a snake inside on the fourth of july.
Thank god I was wearing rubber boots.
Was only a kingsnake apparently.

Careful. I hate snakes.

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Yea I hear bees sometimes but they arent auditory hallucination they are real.

Im currently residing in the midwest and these folks have THE BIGGEST FREAKING BEE’S THAT I’VE EVER SEEN!!!

I kid you not, just last week I saw a bee as big as a grape…I mean …come on!! That seems a bit excessive to me.

A wasp came at me the other day and I really wished that bees could protect me from such things.
bees are wonderful and it is right to witness the good they do for us.

Yea I can agree with that because I kinda like honey but this bee was LITERALLY as big around as a GRAPE.

I don’t know maybe he was a bouncer or some kinda bee security. …I can appreciate that.

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An all black bee (?) with gold wings the size of a grape was laying almost dead just inside my front door the other day. It didn’t last to long.
In the same week, a fuzzy black spider with florescent aqua spots was found inside my front door, along with a big brown beetle type bug.
Is my neighbor spraying poison out front?

Tinnitus perhaps?

what is that? i heard of it before.

Pretty much I have it 24/7. Just adds more fun to the shits and giggles that is my life.

If I wasn’t already schizophrenic I may believe that for myself.
But auditory hallucinations for me have a much larger range.
Or maybe it is both.
either way I doubt there is anything to do about it haha

i don’t care if they are dressed up like fruit or furry and cuddly.

If they bite/sting or whatever…im just not into it.

maybe bees implant us with their souls when they sting us

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Do you really think that way? You should try and add an anti psychotic to your regimen :pill:

I don’t think its such a bad thing…
I rarely even see bees :frowning: only hear them.
and besides I said “maybe”
this is under unusual beliefs because I am aware.
I cant add antipsychotics to my meds anyway.

Why not sweety? :lipstick:

I have a stomach disorder. and the doctors believed that the psychotropics are what paralyzed my stomach and colon. that was a year ago. so ive just kind of been slowly getting worse mentally but hopefully since i havent had an issue in the last month my doctor will suggest something. the mood stabilizer just makes me sad. I want my abilify. that stuff made me so normal.

hmmm one of them should be safer… I take .5mg haldol. It’s a super low dose and all I notice is some apathy.

ah well apathy and flat affect are my middle name :}