Buying coffee

Im not sure who it was, me or them.

But as i looked at the coffees deciding what to buy this is what happened.

In my head, very clearly and loudly, salt and pepa’s “none of yo business” started playing.

I almost started cackling right there in the store. I had to fight it as to not look crazier than i already do.

“C’mon man. Don’t start laughing out loud to yourself. You can’t do that.” And it’s going loudly “none of yo business!” In there.

I often find myself in public and lost in a reverie. Sometimes I break into a broad grin and laugh to myself when I do this. I don’t think it looks too weird. No one has commented on it.

Remind me that I should fly to Blue Mountain to get some coffee, it is said to be quite good.

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My mind never stops running so you could be 4 ft in front of me talking to me and I wouldn’t mentally process what you are saying because I’m in a different place.

You should fly to blue mountain to get some coffee.

That isn’t to early is it? You didn’t specify when you needed the reminder.

The classic nutcase?

Me too .

Or maybe I should fly to Venezuela and visit their coffee producers in the jungle.

I have in the past only been able to afford Folger’s classic roast coffee…I want starbucks, but their coffee is way too expensive. I have shifted to starting to use liquid creamer (french vanilla) instead of regular coffee mate…influence of my girlfriend on me, haha…