Buying a Watch - Your opinion on Which one?


Which one looks good? Just a little treat for myself. I am having trouble deciding between the two.



I’m a guy, so that that into consideration, but I like the second watch much better. I showed both watches to my girlfriend and she liked the second one better too.

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Interesting. I went for the first one though because it is simple with much less bling. I can return it for the other one i suppose if I don’t like it.



If you like the first one and you’re happy with it then enjoy it. :smile:

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the first is nice but the second is immaculate!

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My 1st choice was for the “crossover”. After looking again It would just depend on what your buying it for.
The first one is more casual everyday? The second only for extra special occasions.
So, depends on how much you want to wear this.

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I guess it depends on what you like. I would get the first for the reasons you stated. I’m not much into fashion so the second one would be out but I guess it’s up to you.

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Edit post:

Changed my mind. I actually like the crossover DKNY one better. :sunny:

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I’m so technologically impaired I use a sundial.

But the second link to the wavy watch is very nice and has a more striking design. It looks like it would be more versatile between casual and dressed up, and the clasp looks more sturdy and shock resistant.

But that is just one non-fashion’s man opinion. I’m in the water or dirt so much I really don’t wear a watch.

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Both look great, 1st looks simple and elegant, 2nd looks modern and hip, I’m a guy and I’d buy the 2nd DKNY 1 for my girlfriend.



I’m a guy. watches don’t break so I bought a nice one used on ebay. Bought my microwave at a pawn shop 10 years ago still runs great. Guys can more easily afford very nice cars because they buy them used. I don’t get why girls often think being new makes it worth paying so much more. But both the watches look really nice.

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I like the first one.

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I like the first one too. But the best way is to see in person on one’s wrist.

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Thanks for opinions guys :slight_smile: I got my watch and I intend to keep it. it is very slim compared to the other one but I don’t want a bulky watch anyway so i won’t be returning it.