Buy a new coat or a new computer?


To be honest I don’t know?? It’s a hard to decision to make because I don’t have alot of money so I have to think everything as an investment.

A computer would be fun, especially a practical one as a MacBook. And I think I’ll have it for 5+ years before it runs out. My last computer was a good investment and it still works, a real workhorse. Too bad I was struck with negative symptoms. Sitting by the desk feels like a chore so I don’t use my computer anymore. I don’t know if I’d use the MacBook because of practical reasons?

A new coat would also be nice but I do have a parka for winter. Although the coats I’ve been looking at are very stylish. But then again why would an unemployed deadbeat like me want to dress up? Anyway, my last coat I had for 9 years. So I know I would use it.



Yeah! Then stash your money if you are allowed and wait for something you really want.

Your heart doesn’t seem too attached to any of those two items.

Maybe wait.


For my 2¢ get a surplus coat. Mine is a Slovak army field coat, super warm, 10 pockets, hood stashes in collar, got mine like-new condition $30. Plus it looks badass. :metal:


You can always send the MacBook to me?! I promise, I’ll take good care of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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