Buy a new coat or a new computer?

I have finally saved up some money but don’t know what to do?

I have an old PC that runs fine but it’s 13 years old, I don’t use it because I have my phone.

I’m thinking of buying a new MacBook air but I’m not sure yet. It would be fun to try to learn FL- studio (a music making software) and Photoshop.

These days I use my phone to browse the web, I check my email, this forum and a few other sites on my phone. I also do my banking with my phone.

I’m also in the need of a new coat. They are on sale now every though they are expensive but that’s because they are made from heavy cloth (wool) which is good for the winter. A good coat doesn’t come cheap but if I buy one I will use it for years.

So what do you guys say? MacBook or coat?


I don’t know. It depends whether or not you have old coats that can do the job for you or if you really need a new coat.

You should make this a poll.


Tough one. Coat is essential but boring. Computer is semiessential and fun. If i didnt have a coat I would have to get a coat.

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Coats make the man :sunglasses:


What if you get a cheaper coat and a cheaper computer.

As mackbook is around 1000
You can get a coat for 200 and a laptop for 800


Your pc should be fine for fl studio and photoshop so I vote coat if you don’t already have one in a good condition.

I forgot how to make a poll.

I have a down filled jacket that I use during the winter.

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I just don’t want to buy a new computer and realize that I don’t have the passion to use it. Making music sounds fun but what if it’s boring??

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The coats I’m looking at cost about 850 and MacBook air costs about 1400.

Fl only seems intimidating at first but its intuitive

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My guess is that making music is boring. If you dont have aptitude for it, it wont be enjoyable.


850 dollars for a coat?

That seems like a lot of money for a coat

Maybe buy one from in develpment countries, the prices are lower


$850 for a coat?!!?
That’s way too much.


It is?? I want to make electronic beats. It seems like fun. I just don’t want to get bored or get tired of the new computer. As I said I use my phone for the most of my online stuff. Tough choice!

What brand is it? Thats almost as expensive as Canada Goose here which is a high class and very popular brand.

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Yes man. It’s easy to use after a few days of playing around with it you will get the hang of it.

I can post some tutorials that got me started after my friend introduced me to it

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Can you post a pic of the coat? Im curious now


A heavy wool coat costs alot because of the amount of fabric that goes in to it. If I’m buying a cheap coat it won’t be warm.


I have a 60 dollar coat which i barely wear because it’s to warm with her lol

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