Button for your brain - love science

see, we are not all stuck hallucinating that we have Sz and somebody is controlling your mind. A button for that now exists!

Dreams in which the sleeper knows they are dreaming and has some measure of control as to how the events pan out have been stimulated electrically, according to a new paper.

Lucid dreaming is the somewhat misleading name given to dreams where the dreamer is aware that they are in fact dreaming. They are not necessarily any clearer than other dreams, but the dreamer can often consciously control the course of the dream, making for a more intelligible experience.

Read more at http://www.iflscience.com/brain/scientists-induce-lucid-dreaming-electrical-stimulation#y4LJ1vGWQErc1fWU.99

This has been known and used for some time. 25 - 40 hz is the high end of ELF which is known to be used in neuro stimulating technology, including “mind control” devices.

I have lucid dreams without such stimulation, and I have suspected when such stimulation might be being used because of the nature of the dreams.