Butterfly Effect

I was wondering if anyone has seen the movie? Do you think this is possible? Have you done it?

In a past life, scientists didn’t think we had free will. But the Bible tells us we do…

In the past, I doubted/questioned my free will, but now I’m starting to think I’m one of the few people that has free will.

Basically, I have memories, and I can change my past…

I know I need help…


i got excited when i saw the word butterfly…i cant remember this movie properly…just remember a cruel part with a dog being abused…hope u feel better sooner than later @insidemind


I certainly won’t be watching that movie then :frowning:


I can’t handle that kind of thing either. When I’m doing well, it upsets me for days. When I’m doing poorly, it’s my biggest trigger.


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