Butt vaccuum hose in theory

in theory if i am having alot of gas but no way to release it, could i put the vaccuum attachment to my butt and push out to try to help the gas to come out

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Great way to pull out your intestine.



And possibly pull out your innards along with it.

That’s gonna be a hard pass from me, dawg.



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Read “Guts” by Chuck Palahniuk. It’s a short, gruesome story. Here’s a link…

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I think I read that,

Was it from “Make Something Up…”?


No, it’s from one of his novels, Haunted.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read any of his ■■■■.

But I always enjoyed it.

For some reason Lullaby was always my favorite of his books.

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This has happened to people. They’ve been left unable to digest food and being fed intravenously for considerably shortened lives. Just buy some Gas-X or Beano tablets.

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I was less impressed with lullaby than anything else I read by him. But the occult doesn’t spark any interest in me.

I thought “Beautiful You” was his worst book.

Never read it.

Snuff wasn’t that great either. I had high hopes for it.

Spare yourself Beautiful You, it’s rough.

Snuff was not his best, I agree.

But I super enjoyed Survivor,

Probably not your thing because of religion.

i read this reddit post just now also the story @fractaled posted, i will not be doing it, wonky idea, maybe a finger will work for the old plunger effect, jk lol


Survivor is one of my favorites. Because I’m not religious.

I wasn’t joking in the least. Have read that, plus we had an incident in Buffalo with suction in a pool drain and a child.


Used to occasionally hear the stories of guys uh, “using” the vacuum and running into hoses that had blades in the nozzle, lol.


ive never heard of a vaccum with a hose with blades on it in my life lol, what would be the purpose of that, so u can cut up dust bunnies before sucking them up

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I’d like one. It could chop stuff small enough that clogs the hose

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Have a look at this

Vets can treat cows with excessive bloating by puncturing their intestines or stomach or something and burning the methane gas that comes out.

Pretty amazing. I’ve been wanting one ever since I first saw this. Of course it’s probably way too risky for humans.