But... this goes to 11


I’m going to start using video clips to explain things to my doc maybe.

I was trying to tell him I was feeling sort of bad. I was at a 5 on the scale. He was saying that was pretty bad if I was half way on the scale.

I told him, I wasn’t half way yet. He didn’t understand…

My scale goes to 11. :smile:

Is this a delusion or am I hilarious? :laughing:

I’m going to have to buy a copy of this movie because I quote it so often. This one and “Office Space”

My sis got me a Red Stapler… :blush: (No, I don’t have a “Case of the Monday’s”… if your an “office space” fan, you know it’s a reference and not a random ADD comment)


lol I have explained on occasion to my son’s workers that for him it’s 110% not 100… It’s 100 with an exclamation mark lol


Aha ace! I’m pretty sure my scale goes to eleven because everything goes to the extreme and beyond the typical ten! Yay for eleven :)!


yeah lol, i think i suprise myself sometimes by what i can do, so i think those moments must be an 11 lol

its an exceeds expectations lol a bit like an A+ with honours lol

(wonder what number a ‘cured’ would be) lol

take care x