But... this goes to 11

I’m going to start using video clips to explain things to my doc maybe.

I was trying to tell him I was feeling sort of bad. I was at a 5 on the scale. He was saying that was pretty bad if I was half way on the scale.

I told him, I wasn’t half way yet. He didn’t understand…

My scale goes to 11. :smile:

Is this a delusion or am I hilarious? :laughing:

I’m going to have to buy a copy of this movie because I quote it so often. This one and “Office Space”

My sis got me a Red Stapler… :blush: (No, I don’t have a “Case of the Monday’s”… if your an “office space” fan, you know it’s a reference and not a random ADD comment)


lol I have explained on occasion to my son’s workers that for him it’s 110% not 100… It’s 100 with an exclamation mark lol

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Aha ace! I’m pretty sure my scale goes to eleven because everything goes to the extreme and beyond the typical ten! Yay for eleven :)!


yeah lol, i think i suprise myself sometimes by what i can do, so i think those moments must be an 11 lol

its an exceeds expectations lol a bit like an A+ with honours lol

(wonder what number a ‘cured’ would be) lol

take care x

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