But really how do we know if we are ok or not?

I mean sometimes I feel confident that I’m doing good and that I’m based in reality and that the things that I’m seeing and hearing are real and that they are the same things that other people are seeing and hearing. Sometimes I feel confident that the things that I believe are within the realm of reason and not too bizarre or breaking any physical laws. But sometimes I’m not sure anymore and I don’t want to start asking questions that would draw attention to me in a weird way. People ask how I’m doing and I say I’m good, but how do I know? I always hear people say to reality test, how? You see a coffee table, reach out for it and touch it, feel it, ok, it’s real. How do you know you didn’t make that up? You ask your friend is that coffee table real, they say yes, how do you know that was real? How do you know you really even have that friend? How do I know I am not just a brain in a jar? How do I know I’m not just a light orb floating, imagining everything? I swear sometimes I’m not quite sane enough to be walking around a free person.


Realistic hallucinations are unbelievably rare, especially on meds, if you can see and hear without questioning its real and if you are questioning and seeing it clearly its also real. What makes us believe a hallucination is our delusions, if we can at least partly think clearly then its easy to distinguish hallucinations

My sister tests my math skills. If I can do math, she thinks I’m not psychotic. I’m terrible at math. Thank god she gives me easy ones.

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I’ve heard scientific claims that everything we observe is not actually wat it appears to be how we observe it. It makes me wonder wat is the difference between the stuff we all observe and the stuff just schizophrenic ppl observe. Schizophrenia is truly a lonely condition until a way is found to truly manage it which I don’t think has been found yet


the point where the coffee table is real or not is into the realms of philosophy. i wouldn’t worry about it because no one knows.it doesn’t affect you whther the coffee table is real or not if you can still use it to place your coffee or a few magazines.

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I have the same questions as you.
Brain in a jar and solipsism etc.
I really can’t tell.

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I’m not sure what my point is there.

Anyway, I wish you good luck with coping mechanisms.

For me personally, it has sort of gotten easier over time.

But I need to factor in uncertainty.

But also hope.

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I can count on my wife any time I need a reality check or an unreality check.