But i don't want to die on the pyramid

Thats what they did to me.

I was harmed badly and run from my home. They kept me awake, they were in my dreams hurting me and scaring me, making me look at the clock at three again, screwing with my mind fairly badly in every way.

And then i headed south.

On the way i looked over and there was some pyramid, which i don’t think at this point i just ran into for no reason, something in me screamed “stop the car!”, i stopped the car and went up to the pyramid.

As i sat on the top with them i began having feelings and thoughts about staying up there and dying.

I didn’t want to and i couldn’t do it unless forced to do it, it just would have been to painful.

I sat up there for awhile grappling with urges and suggestions to just sit there until i was dead.

What kind of goddamn disease is that exactly?!

So after leaving the pyramid and hanging on the beach for awhile, and having someone bring alot of attention to the large word “SPIRITS” on the side of a restaraunt a cop came and it was time to leave the area, he asked me to wait for him for a second.

And a goat legged man appears? A faery? A god?

So, i ask again, what kind of goddamn disease is that?

And i don’t really claim to know whats what, could be a number of possibilities to be honest, but seriously, wtf kind of goddamn disease is that? No wonder we don’t think we are sick right? We’ve got problems, foul horrible problems yes, even in the mind, but a disease, well, no, this is no disease.

Here malvok, ill just put it in the delusional section for you, you know better though, i know you do.

Pyramids, beaches, pan and spirits?
What more could anyone ask for?

It wasn’t exactly a positive experience, they tormented me almost to the point of death.

The pyramid was sheer hell. The beach was hell. A goat man showing up though, that just confused the ■■■■ out of me seeing that.

Was it a glass pyramid? Or shiny like silver?

Well, a pyramid is pretty pointy, did you get the point when you sat on top?
I’d think it was torture too, except it was your choice.

Twas more of a mayan pyramid, no point on top.

It was made of stone.