Busy Today? What's The Plan?

I have 4 things to fix today while I got the tools out, lawn mowers and such, clean out the shed

What are your plans for the day?


I’ve been watching Alita battle angel :slight_smile:


I’m going to help my daughter apply for a bridge card (SNAP food benefits). Not sure what else


im behind on yard work, i need to weed eat the property, cut up some downed trees, and remove my garden, but it’s raining. so i will probably just clean up inside. next week is supposed to be nicer so im putting off my yard work until then.


We have a bunch of customers putting their fleets back on the road as it’s spring and they have gravel to haul. I’ve got two large changes to get done today. I can get the time off in lieu later, so that’s okay. I’m just grateful to be working in this horrid economy and happy that I can support others who are working. After that, I think I’ll head back out to the lake and walk the trails around it with my kid.


Going to use PEMF therapy while lying down and figure out how to pass time. Some kind of videogame.


I just showered, feel all awake and smelling purty again


Today will be the first 24 hours at 3 P.M. of a voluntarily self-imposed 72 hour lockdown in the motel I am currently in.

The plan is to use a mobile phone game emulator program to play some mobile games. Here is the link to the emulator I will be using this time around.


Oh, I have a 20 day reservation I will be paying here.


Hey, I no longer like your post, MrSquirrel. Quite frankly, I do not want to associate with you at the moment. You come here to treat others like crap and you try to save face with your employers and customers. So you’re rich and successful, we get it. That’s nice. Have a good week.

Not much going on with me today.

I’m just waiting for a couple DVD’s to be delivered.

Later on tonight I want to unbox my new tripod and mess around with my camera. My goal is to experiment with practical lighting, and learn my new camera some more.


Man, I wish I was rich. Then I could spend every day taking photos rather than getting yelled at by people who don’t like their insurance premiums.

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Hey @freakonaleash, how are you doing today? Any piece of ■■■■ customers? And yet you manage to be kind in the forum for the most part. It is an acquired skill you know, freakonaleash? To write less than hateful messages or type something thoughtful. What is your plan? Busy today?

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:grinning: 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15

Feel free to reach out to me with any photography questions. I’ve been doing it for a while.



Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’m an aspiring filmmaker. For now I mostly want to learn how to take good videos with my new Panasonic micro four-thirds camera.

Eventually I want to get good at shooting manually, and even invest in a quality light meter.



To take my laptop to the park and do some schoolwork and then take a walk there. I have about 6 or 7 fast food joints in this area so I might give in to temptation and get lunch at one.


My plans are to season a new humidor I just received in the mail today. Also need to stop at the gas station for some goods and while there I’ll people watch and smoke a good cigar.

Otherwise I plan on doing some Civil War reading later.

Have a good one.



I have a friend who owns a couple, he’s very happy with them and produces nice work. I think you’ve made a great choice.


Sweet! Thank you! :blush:

Yeah, I only had a very base knowledge of the micro/four thirds world of cameras.

But I’m definitely happy with my purchase.