Burnt out, what do i do?

Hey everyone, came on here cuz if i dont ill crack up .need to spill.

Been taking on too much recently, archery, boxing, art class, yoga, swimming, horse riding and driving everywhere.

I thought i was better, able to take on loads. But ive just crashed and burnt out.

Now dont want to do anything i used to.

Thoughts of gambling have crept in again. I gave up 3 years ago.

Cant be bothered looking after myself or the house.

And just overall fed up with it all.

Not looking forward to anything :confused:

It all startes when i went to spain on hoilday last month, and a girls weekend shortly before that. I started getting intrusive thoughts and auditory hallucinations again when away. They’ve stopped now thankfully but concerned me.

I was diagonised with schizophrenia 2009 and then schizoaffective late 2019.

I think i’ve burnt out. How do i collect myself again? i dont feel happy. I feel rubbish.

Sick of putting a happy face on it. Pretending im okay, im lacking some vital coordination in life.

I need energy :sleepy:


Don’t worry, you will likely recover. I have hit the wall many times. Taking on more work than I could handle. It’s painful when things don’t work out.

It sounds like you have taken on too much too. You shouldn’t give it all up, but maybe moderate yourself a bit and perhaps have a day or two in the week where you just relax and build energy.

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Thanks Mr_Hope, need to take a step back, analyse what is making me happy, and whats not.

Remember to not be so hard on myself.

Everything can wait, im not bring pressured into doing anything.

Just let me spill here, i really need to.

One thing thats annoying me the most at the moment is the fact i have gained so much weight on my medications that im not happy with myself. Should think about going on diet, and just keep to it.

The house needs a good clear out. Too many clothes and shoes, things.

Gambling has crept in again, i have to stop.

My so called best friend hasnt spoke to me in a week since we fell out.

If i could just sort those things out, i think id be happy, they are the underlying issues of my current rut.

Go on diet, clean and tidy house, stop gambling and forget about time wasting users.

Wow i feel better now, i have a plan at least. :blush:


If it were me, I would contact my treatment team.

The doctors have medications to treat them symptoms you describe.

You could get worse.

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Yeah I was just going to say it, but you said it yourself in the end of your post. You have a plan.

Actually knowing what is bothering you is work done just there. Then you can work at achieving those goals. Not all at once, because you don’t want to stress about it.

Just take your time and adress the most pressing issues first. You can do it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for advice, i have been taken off my anti depressants two years ago. They wouldnt put me back onto them due to elevated mood issues…and mania.

I do think next time i get my monthly injection i will tell my cpn im feeling low, i have before, last time i had lost alot of motivation but she just said do less and didnt think more medication was an option.

I dont particularly think that its meds i need, its a change of lifestyle and habits, im on enough antipychotic meds anyway.

Going to as previously posted in replies, make some changes. And step back. Re coop my energy. Get rid of dead wood, and pick myself up.

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