Burnt my brain out modding fallout

Really doubt to many people will be inclined to appreciate this… it’s quite nerdy and geeky…

But damn… the games innards are really becoming quite clear to me. I managed to reduce the texture database to less than a third of it’s size… from 18 Gigs to 5.4… My goal is to get the whole installation optimized and sitting under 16 Gigs. At the start it was 38 or so… at this point it’s hovering around 20.

Got a few more tricks up my sleeve, but I haven’t hacked away at a project like that in years. Had to give it up a month ago because I wasn’t getting anywhere and I was literally nauseated by the site of the folder structure.

It’s fun though. I know fallout 4 has the potential to entertain for years to come. It’ll still be another 4 or 5 before the next one is out. Potentially longer seeing as how they haven’t announced ES6.

Such a disconnect from real life though, It’s tough to entertain myself outside of the project. I also am now realizing, it’d be unhealthy to do so. Besides I’ve hit some major milestones… I can see 3 or 4 more directions to take with the re-consolidation. That’s more than I need to explain here.

But damn! I thought I’d never make it this far. I’ve got the game running without formal install in a portable form… in the end I can just zip into a self-extracting archive which will serve as an automated install process.

Blurgh though… it’s time for thorough play testing… which means a reinstall with all the updated files to check for full integrity and note the holes. There are a few things to do beforehand, but at least I’ve simplified a lot of the process(and wait time) involved.

Alright, sorry TLDR crowd… Had to vent somewhere… Now I gotta get back to real life somehow…save some of this fulfilling labor for later.


I thought for a minute this thread was from one of the Mods. :smile:


Well done you. Love fallout and still playing 4. Haven’t used any mods yet but want to do the vanilla first if I ever finish the darned thing. It’s a big achievement what your doing. I know I wouldn’t have the patience to even approach any modding projects…let me know if you publish any and i’ll take a look!

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Can’t really publish without an extensive set of permissions lol!

Thanks man… good luck with it. When I get the new xbox I’m going to try a vanilla survival mode… real slow play type always waiting for me thing.

On the PC though, I always sell out to tearing the game to shreds about 10 times over.

It’s a great game though.

For you the only mod I’d suggest, as a starter, would be realistic bullets. Provides the bullet drop for more interesting ranged shooting.

Also “Amazing Follower Tweaks” let’s you have up to 5 companions… like rolling with a squad.

Anyways… to each his own… I’m in too deep to make much sense to most.


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