Burning out

Current meds are failing… i have an appointment the 17th with a mental health facility… but its only the 4th…

i dont feel bad enough to go to the er and wait on a room in a psych hospital… plus it could be no meds for 2 to 7 days while waiting on a room… that will def hurt…

I dont know where im going with this… wish everyone well…


It is good that you seek help when you feel the need for it and good that there are those who are willing to.

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Better go to er before the ambulance takes you.

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What symtoms are you dealing with? Can you call for a prn til you get in?

Do what’s best for yourself and screw everybody else.

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@flameoftherhine Can you ask your mental health clinic if there’s any way to be seen sooner? For example, ask them if they can call you if they get a cancellation.


I just tried to think of it as a burning in when times got tough. That helped me get by.

Yeah I’ve been waiting nearly two weeks. I go Friday. The system of mental health is not the best. I’d go to the ER anyway. Maybe they can get you your meds while you wait for a bed. Quasall