Burning Man

This is the head for the Burning Man this year.


Oh JK does that sound like a fun place to go.
Head looks GREAT! Please post more pics/updates…If I can’t go, maybe you can make me feel like I’m there too-in spirit.
That is if you are willing and want to…oh please, please, please. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

OOooooOO000oooooowheeeeeee do I envy you. Call me green!

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I’ve never been there, but it sounds fun. They make things for it at a warehouse near where I work, so i took pictures.

Aw poop. Thought you were going.
Oh well…sigh… (just being dramatic because I’m bored)

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One of our schizophrenic breathren is on youtube telling his account of burning man actually.

A hallucination told him he was god while he was there. Ha ha!

“thou art god” the hallucination said to him.

It’s okay to think something, but if you want it to go viral, ya gotta SHOW us!

Am I the only one who hates to watch people just talk on YouTube?