Burned agents and voicethoughts

so the voicethoughts are disgusting my moment like e says with a new theme of theirs, which is that their using burned gov agents to deal with people like me. now i assume that they might be using any burned agent because the agents that i’ve dealt with have no allegiance, and what i mean by that is that they either are forced to say they are puta or puto by the gov or their money(people who pay and bet), these burned agents and even the gov use peoples lives like it were a game. oh and just a while ago i supposibly got shot twice and was told by the burned agent proxee that the gov says to “suck my cock” which could only mean one thing… ■■■■ ive forgoten what a hijo de puta this could be when you forget something ■■■■ anyways i’m sure these burned agents and agents know that they are being controlled by money and that these people dont care because they are stupid.

How is people being controlled by money an Unusual Beliefs? -_-