Burn out beliefs

do your crazy beliefs ever burn out after a wile and you don’t think of them anymore mine do

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Not without meds.

I have one it goes away then turns into another

I believe my crazy beliefs. They never fade.

I know some of my beliefs are crazy but I think they are also harmless - maybe keep me out of trouble. I suppose I should save my energy for reality, though.

Off meds the plot to get me just gets deeper and deeper and more and more people involved, Never ending story

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They never go away even matrix delusion. It’s there for life. I suspect it’s real but it’s so out of touch with reality, it will never be accepted unless it’s scientifically proven. Same thing with time travel. Even if you showed someone the proof and time machine, they probably wouldn’t believe in it. I don’t get or understand the point of consciousness transfer into parallel clones forwards and backwards in time. It sucks and blows.

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