Burden of schizophrenia

i have lot of plans for my future and currently working on it but in my country other schizophrenics mental and cognitive abilities too low that when i say that i m schizophrenic people immediately doesn t believe of capable of doing some work or hold a job.even some conservative pdocs are don t believe i can succesfully hold a job.i m currently studying internet and network technology and trying to be network technician at state hospital.what is your opinion about it?


As long as you don’t get symptoms that endager yourself or others or is a risk for recklessness I think it is no problem to work, and you should do what you like. Follow your plans :+1:


I’m just interested, why do you want to work in the hospital?

You could be a network technician anywhere.

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state business has different business laws and this laws apply better social and economic benefits.better working hours better wages.private sector very harsh and ruthless in turkey.thats why


Keep going and see what life throws at you. Be prepared.


i m prepared.but this unfair thing is annoying me.i understand that this is heavy disease and has wide spectrum profile but why the hell i have to burden my whole life when i was fully functional and ready to work but even some doctors believe that i can not work just because i have this shi…y disease. i have same constitutional rights just like everybody else.

Do you have to reveal that you have the illness when you apply for a job?

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in state business i have to provide all my health issues.i don t have to say in private sector.but if they know that i m sz big probability i will never have promotion to better position

i know that this is serious brain disease but i just can not accept a destiny that this disease give me

Read more books and stories of successful people with sz. Such as Elyn Saks, John Nash Snr. John Nash Jnr, etc. There are many clinical psychologists and professors who suffer from sz. But you have to find their stories

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there is not much people who are succesful in their career in my country.most of them really low profile people.most of them unable to work or live independently.

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