Bupropion for smoke cessation and Anxiety

I’ve been taking Bupropion for a week for smoke cessation but I’ve been feeling more anxious and having difficulty controlling my emotions and feel very strong chest pains. I think this medication is giving me these symptoms. Any experience with this?

That or withdrawals from the cigs.

I’m currently trying to quit. Building up the psyche for it. Not thinking about smoking when I’m not smoking. Taking away its weight. Not letting it define the structure of my day. Being choosy. Waiting a couple hours between smoking. When I decide to smoke I wait at least 5 more minutes.

When I smoke now I do get feelings of disgust and regret. Not too bad, I’ve been smoking for years, but it’s certainly doesn’t seem as pleasurable or necessary any more.

Escaping the social world has really taken away the stress. My crowd of friends is so critical. As soon as any of them are having a good time they cut each other down and when someone isn’t present there is always ■■■■ talking going on.

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I’ll just quit smoking altogether so I can get rid of the medication.

I quit smoking with nicotine patch and it was so easy! i don’t know the name but be careful, these chemicals found in cigarettes really affect your brain chemistry. I had a relapse in a month when I quit smoking and it lasted 5 months.

Nicotine does do a lot to stabilize the mind. Whether its be grounded to reality or affirming to a delusional state, it helps you accept things. Those secondary chemicals, who knows what they do. The tobacco I smoke now has no additives and it seems a lot easier to put in its place.

I can’t stands cigs any more. Tried smoking one a few weeks ago and after the first puff I just handed it off to a friend.

People who have quit say they still get cravings and thoughts about smoking years down the line. That was a very daunting thing to face and kept me from really considering quitting if that was how it was going to be. I’m not having any trouble cutting back right now though, I’m hoping to ween myself off successfully.

In the past when trying to quit I’d end up getting headaches if I did it cold turkey.

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People quit smoking all the time. It’s totally possible. Cravings get easier to cope with.

Takes about 12 hours for all the chemicals from a cigarette to be filtered out of the bloodstream. Carbon monoxide is the main one. When I hit that point I always feel very clean.

You should work on entertaining the thoughts of smoking without succumbing to the need to actually do it. Cigarettes and tobacco are everywhere, every smoker has their triggers. Its also good to put it out of your mind entirely and see the world like a nonsmoker would when you can.

It’s a big switch, not just chemically, but in perspective and lifestyle.

Good luck @Lotus

The best advice is to keep trying eventually you’ll figure out what works for you.

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I’ve quit before, for 2 years and something. Had no cravings at all. But I wanted to try to smoke one casually, I got addicted on December last year. But Bupropiom really makes me not want to smoke aside from all this psychosomatic anxiety manifesting itself strongly. I’ll be quitting today so I can quit the antidepressant as soon as possible.

Yeah that’s what sucks about nicotine. It immediately hooks you.

Good luck to you @lotus

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Thanks @SoitGoes :smile:

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Chest pains? No one on here is an MD.

Go see one.

But yeah one thing people do is mistake cessation medication as cessation cures. No. For example, people will take Wellbutrin and simultaneously quit smoking their pack a day cold turkey and guess what, Wellbutrin helps you stop doesn’t make stopping cold turkey a good idea. People often give Wellbutrin a shitty review because they felt like a wreck when they simultaneously quit smoking and begin Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin is not nicotine replacement therapy. There is no nicotine in it. You will have withdrawals if you cold turkey nicotine…there is no way around that.

So don’t cold turkey it, taper off. If you begin the patch or nicotine lozenges or gum, any sort of nicotine replacement product, then you actually are supposed to go cold turkey.