Bumped in to old friend

bumped in to old friend from 1994…we’re both 43 now…we made small talk and then he asked me what I aws doing with myself…I told him I had sz and that I attend a mental health club…we chatted a bit but then afterwards (whenhe had gone) I said I should have told him something interesting about sz

but what can you say…how would you describe sz to some normie…and how would you make it sound interesting


You could maybe have joked about it

"1 in 100 people get it , so I guess I’m just lucky! "

“It’s just like in the movie ‘a beautiful mind’ so I’ll be getting a nobel prize soon”


I have creativity that just comes to me

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I like to make it sound really scary to old friends. Play it up a bit lol. It always entertains. In reality I’m pretty normal whatever that means

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has anybody got an opinion on how to tell something interesting about sz to an old friend

“I hear divine voices and I see divine visions”, that’s what I would say. Lol

I hope you said ‘excuse me’.

But seriously, maybe you could have told him it’s one of the ten most disabling diseases in the world. That’s an interesting fact and shows how serious your condition is personally and what you’re living with.

Schizophrenia is the most normal thing about me, lol.

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