Bullies 15characters

people mistreating others, so why don’t you thinking better thoughts they say, people abusing people verbally and physically, does she deserve to go to jail or do they?

It’s a horrible thing to do to other people. I only have experienced bullying at school.

In the workplace it levels up to intimidation and manipulation. It goes more covert, subtle and underground than the open bullying at school.

To be honest, I didn’t really appreciate just how badly treated I was by my peers until about 6 years ago when I figured it out

I think having ASD meant I was not really aware of how people were treating me. It was such a big part of growing up for me I was used to being treated like ■■■■

Although I do crave the benefits - which are many - of having ‘friends’, being alone is also fine by me. There is no way in hell I am going to fall into the same traps again.

Even if that means when I die I have nobody to see me out. Such a shame - the soundtrack would have been good :confused:


They do. In my case, they’re lying about everything.

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i got bullied in a work place too… in the lunch room there was this guy sometimes and he said i was weird and that i always was by myself… i was glad some of the other girls there stood up for me and said something to him…

I was also bullied in school but at that time i thought it was normal…

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İ didn t bullied except middle messed up me badly though.i think its played big roles on develop sz on me

I got targeted a lot when I changed schools, around the age of eight. Guys just have to call you out, see what you’re made of. I always fought back and stuck up for others as well, but it continued into adulthood.

Anywhere that I worked in factories, there was always one or two guys that seemed to want to Target me. I think people sense when you are wounded, and some people are just like piranhas. It has nothing to do with you, just a lack of character on their part

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