Bulimia Nervosa and Overeating?

I mentioned my story with my weight/body image problem here: Loose Skin from Rapid Weight Loss?

Now what I’m struggling with and what’s also sabotaging my weight loss plans, is overeating/stress eating and then purging (bulimia nervosa). Anyone what’s the solution for this without having to take an anti-depressant?

Best I can recommend is to talk to a doc? I have a problem with stress eating. The Effexor helps with that a bit. I’m hoping the activity at the new job will help me drop some weight. I sit around too much at home.


Well I have nothing much to do outside of home. I stopped going to cafes cause I stopped coffee and smoking. I’m bored from work (we have a forex crisis actually where I work). My self-image and boredom or depression forbid me from going to the gym. I went to the gym a lot then ended up gaining a lot the weight again. Hence, the boredom. I felt like a hamster running in the same wheel everytime.

If you have some money, find a nutritionist.
Good thing is to force yourself to write sort of eating journal. My friend did that.
Just write everything you eat in one day, and next to the food column write your thoughts or feelings you had after eating.

And check this out


Thanks for sharing the OA website. Looks helpful

Bulimia is an addiction just like any other. In order to really tackle it, you have to get at the root cause. In this case, your body image issues. Talk to a doctor and see if there are any outpatient treatment centers in your area. If you’re in need of serious care, the Renfrew treatment center in Arizona is amazing. My friend got sent there after she had a heart attack at a result of her bulimia. She is now three years in recovery. Bulimia is no joke, that can seriously kill you, even if you’re not severely underweight. Take it seriously, and commit yourself to a treatment program. If you’re in the US, here are some places near you:

Also, be careful of online support groups. A lot of them devolve into tips on better ways to purge and hide it, as opposed to being recovery oriented. Kind of like the Unusual Beliefs section of this site.