Building muscle on APs

@Gtx1990 I know you workout a lot. Have you built much muscle on APs? Do they affect it at all? And also do they affect your cardio?


Thank you @SacredNeigh7, thanks for motivating me to build myself again. Il always remember what you told me

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They don’t affect building muscle,I am sure…just need to force yourself to be consistent before you see some result and when you got some result you will be more willing to continue doing…

Are you sure you wanna commit to building muscle?Its time consuming and very difficult,I don’t really 100% enjoy working out.Some people do enjoy building muscle though

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Didn’t mean to dicourage you,I think building muscle has many benefit,even though it’s difficult.I think me consistently working out has attracted my current wife to marry me,it’s a plus.You look good wearing a shirt also when going out…from your username you must be from Italy,Italian are usually tall,but taller people had more difficulty building muscle.Taller people who are muscular looks better then shorter people with muscle.

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Thank you sir. Um I’m actually Irish, my name is misleading. Yes I’m going to commit to building muscle and increase my cardio and ndurance using sprints on a bike.I’m 5.9 and weigh 78kg. How have the APs affected your stamina or cardio endurance?

AP’s effect it via effecting energy levels. I work out a lot more now I’m on aripiprazole compared to when I was on olanzapine.

It doesn’t affect any.Motivation is lower when I am on antipsychotic

What do you mean your motivation is lower? Cardio endurance?

Whenever i want to go to the gym,I sort of procrastinate.I still end up doing six days a week though

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