Build up your recovery

I also invite @shutterbug here. After all he has managed to recover spectacularly.
Maybe he has some advice.

My advice for recovery:

  1. Struggle against your intrusive thoughts.
    If the thoughts tell you you need to die, or you are valueless or your life has no meaning,
    these are bad intrusive thoughts that you need to drive away.
    Counter them with positive mantras that you should repeat in your head.
  2. Healthy lifestyle:
    Try to eat healthy, exercise every day, maintain good hygiene(take showers and brush your teeth)
  3. Setting goals:
    You have to have goals, both short and long term.
  4. Try to make good use of your time.

Our energy and time is precious, we need not waste it.

Do what counts for you and skip the rest.



  • positive attitude
  • take meds as directed
  • hide nothing from doctors or nurses, no matter how much it scares you
  • keep a recovery journal
  • get therapy and CBT if you can
  • use self help workbooks if you can’t afford above
  • try to learn something new every day
  • keep your mind busy, work, volunteer, get and and see things/people

I used to be really bad at this. Now I have a pdoc I can trust I have been more open recently. He wants me on Clozaril though but after Olanzapine I don’t want to touch another weight gaining drug

This should go without saying, but when a country with a 500 billion dollar a year military, plus a large civilian police force and prison system tells you it has a war on illegal drugs, and half of the people in its prisons are there on drug charges, and many illegal drugs cause psychosis:

Seriously, don’t do illegal drugs.


Yeah, but icecream still is awesome. In moderate quantities, of course, and rarely, but nonetheless…awesome!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it wise for me to spend most of the time on web forums?

Long term goal is difficult to set.


I agree with this so much. I used to try to use drugs to self medicate but after a while they make things worse and it can be hard to realise. My recovery is way easier since I stopped all that.


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