Bugs everywhere! :( 🌷

I prepared a bowl of water with soap, but can not make myself clean these bugs on my mini rose plants :face_with_raised_eyebrow: There are some twigs completely manifest :frowning: I would burn them but I live in a wooden house. :frowning: I will go out later and buy some special rose treatment I guess.



What? …

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Those are aphids. They’re disgusting (you should have seen our wisteria two years ago, it was encrusted with them) Spraying the soapy water on them, using bug spray is good too, should kill them. I also trimmed the heck out of the wisteria and roses. Both plants recover well from extreme trimming. We have no aphids on anything this year.
(Ladybugs are good for maintenance, and I spray an anti-bug/anti-fungal every year during Spring and early summer) Sorry to write so much, but I understand. Good luck!