Budding relationship?

Well, I was thinking about the upfront approach to tell him I have sza, but now that I’m really into this guy and things are unfolding and rekindling from high school days, I don’t want to tell him I have sza.

I’m in denial that I have sza currently thanks to my father and my ex that always tell me not to take medication. That I’m fine. That they hear voices too. rolls eyes

I don’t think this guy will take the news so well. i think he’ll stop ■■■■■■■ me and wanting to love me. I don’t think he’ll understand it. I’m embarrassed. I think it’ll scare him off, so I’m prolonging disclosing the information. I feel slightly guilty holding this piece of information back because my voices have me super mood-swingy. I have other nonverbal symptoms around him to that bother me and make me TERRIBLY insecure.

Any advice or thoughts?


Prolong it. If he is ■■■■■■■ you and it’s good, then wait for him to confess some dark secret of his. Then you’ll know that it’s time to confess secrets and you can tell him yours.


@Sunlion Thank you!

When you do finally tell him, say that lack of really frequent sex makes your symptoms BAD, so maybe he’ll help “keep you well”!


And this is the truth. Lol! :wink:

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