Budapest ❤

I left my heart there. Such a beautiful city.


Such a beautiful country…enjoy holidays @Sarad


I would get very hungary in Budapest Ha Ha Ha Ha :slight_smile:


Yes, very beautiful…

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“Budapest became a global city with the unification of Buda and Óbuda on the west bank with Pest on the east bank on November 17, 1873.”

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Before that it was an encampment of Visigoths which were essentially vikings who went to learn from the pope whem the Roman empire split in two after the Roman emperor Constantine gave up his title and became a pope. The Byzantines to the east would later become the Eastern orthodox church and the remaining Roman Empire would become the Holy Roman Empire which became Germany, Hungary, Romania, and a few other surrounding countries during the Teutonic wars. Then dumbass Franz Ferdinand risked his life in what is now known to some as Russian roulette without Rasputin there to load the bullet against his royal subjects… Franz Ferdinand killed himself like a jackass… And then Rasputin was murdered causing tensions between what would become Germany and Russia… And megalomaniacal antichrist Adolf Hitler would come and take advantage of that to try to exterminate people who made fun of his shitty art, people who trained him in the military during World War I… i.e. Austria which he went after first. Honestly… if Hitler lived today, some people who would like his art and he wouldn’t have been a megalomaniac. With the amount of peolle there are today.


Yes,. I loved my visit there as well.

Thats the nice part of living in europe, the rich history and so many interesting places to travel to. I do miss it. Nice pics.