Brother angry with me

I told him I had my Covid vaccine last week.

He was angry when I told him, and questioned why I’d had it. I said because I have underlying health condition classed as severe mental illness.

Spoke to him a few days ago and he had booked an appointment with his GP to get a medication review and ask about why I had the vaccine and he hadn’t.

The GP told him he’d have to wait until ages 40-49 are next in line - (They’re on 55-59 as of Monday I think?)

Anyways he seemed really off with me. He has Depression and thinks he should be getting it as well, but I don’t understand enough about this.

My only thought is maybe the AP’s might be the issue here - which is why I am being given these things?

He normally calls on a Sunday, but he didn’t.



He shouldn’t be holding it against you that the government determined you to be in different risk categories. You can’t control whether you qualify for a vaccine, and you definitely can’t control whether he does. Seems a weird thing to be upset about.


The vaccine rollout has been a bit uneven here in Canada to say the least, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are issues in your area as well. Hard for the authorities to roll out a program this massive without ruffling some feathers. Hope he calms down.


It’s weird I thought as well.

If anyone talks about vaccines to me now I am not telling anyone I have had it if it will cause a problem like this.

The government here I think because they approved them before any other country got ahead of the queue for supplies. Not sure. They’re saying how much of a success it is, but hard to take their word for it.

It’s strange how he behaves sometimes. He moved quite far away and blanks people a lot and doesn’t answer his phone a lot of the time.

He has been communicating with me a lot recently, and this is the only thing I can think of why he didn’t call today

That actually sounds like me somewhat. I hold my phone in special disdain. I generally ignore voice calls unless it is someone I care about who could be experiencing an emergency.


I only used to communicate with immediate family

When old friends tried to call, I’d freak and not answer.

Problem I have now is my phone is now a business and a personal phone.

I am thinking about using this silencing option for calls on my phone, as it recommended this feature today in fact.

The issue is I hate voicemails, and never check them.

Might have to think about getting another phone

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GOOD that you got your vaccine. You protect yourself and others from getting the virus.


Man, not me yet. Imma roll @Joker and steal his second dose if he isn’t careful.



I’m 27 almost 28… I got a long wait

My mother was admitted to the mental hospital because she had to switch medications. She is 75 years old so therefore they gave her the Pfizer vaccine twice and thank God for that.


Wow, I’m really sorry to hear your brother is acting this way. Seems like he is taking his frustration out on you somewhat and you don’t deserve that. I hope it gets better after he has talked to his GP.

I guess different areas are on different patients right now. Some places are faster at rolling out the vaccine. Maybe your brothers area is just a little behind. Let’s hope he gets over it.

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All seriousness, I really hope you get it soon @pixel

sucks that your brother is angry with you because of you getting the vaccine before him… you can’t really help it that they picked you before him.