Broke my fast....!

So doing really well with things but had a six pack of beer tonight and broke my fast since new year.

Played cricket today in plus 36 degree C heat and only got 13 but our team did really well. Mad conditions to play cricket it was just so bloody hot!

Back on it tomorrow but today I broke my fast and had a little treat. Back on the wagon tomorrow and it’s supposed to be hotter…predicting 38! I’m doing my walking down the mall…it’s at least air conditioned!

Enjoyed a few beers but determined to continue…no longer a man who drinks everyday!


Good night Rg1… take care…!!!

I’m down to a six pack every 5 or 6 days. I drank a river in my day, so this is actually a pretty good pace for me. Still too much for my wife, though. She gets on me about it.

But I don’t splash money around. I enjoy the simple pleasures in life…a smoke…a cold beer…bacon… etc.

Relapse is part of recovery. Keep up the good work. Sounds like your doing amazing!

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