Broke down at work

I can’t believe I did this to myself

What happened ish?

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:anguished: everything okay?

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You didn’t do anything to yourself. You have a mental illness and you’re under a lot of stress right now. It’s amazing you’re working at all.

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I told my colleague you realise this isn’t me right ? And then I broke down. I’ve been crying there is the toilets for days I can’t keep going like this

This is like my first ep all over

Can’t you take a few days off?

I took a week off last week I’m in a temp job

Can you talk to your boss, say you’re depressed?

I have. Tomorrow I’m going for a med review


Alright… Good luck with that. Try and take deep breaths if you want to cry and remember puppies!


you might get some bloodwork done…my thyroid doesn’t produce enough and before I found out what was wrong with my thyroid I cried all the time, especially at work…good luck.


Funny you say that as I was crying on the way home a dog came right up to me almost like it sensed something off.


My thyroid has always been normal. I used to cry like this six years ago right in the middle of an ep. This is not that intense but it’s not feeling good

I just want to wish you well, ish.


@Ish - You are under a lot more stress.

It is “normal” for you to feel out of sorts, it seems like you are cycling a bit.

You have to take care of yourself a lot more, or you could suffer a complete break.

Can you take some time off from work for a while?

I wish you the best :sunny:

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i asked my gp she said its just anxiety high anxiety she said it can’t be mania my speech is normal. but i feel otherwise.

No but you can be cycling down, between anxiety/hypomania and depression.

I cycle all of the time.

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I wouldn’t take what a gp says as gospel. In my experience they are just about able to identify really barn door forms of mental illness: I mean like textbook, caricature examples. They seem to miss more subtle and complex stuff.

Take for instance one time I went in for some help with my negative symptoms. The doc looked at me and said ‘you don’t look like you have negative symptoms’. Go ■■■■■■■ figure.

In my eyes you have been having a real hard time for a while. Ignore your gp and get a proper review. In my opinion your symptoms could easily be hypomania.


I happen to agree