Broadcasting Live from the Radio Station :)

So I was very happy to be asked to come into the station and i just thought it was to take a few snaps for my film project, i didnt want to interupt the manager and assistant speaking so i just waited silently at the back and then the manager was like 'dyou want to go in and put some ads/jingle on and maybe some music :slight_smile: and i was like yeah but idk if i remember what to do and i said ‘you’re taking a chance’ so i went on and it was great,

I was very keen to speak but hadn’t been asked to and then the manager comes in and says i can speak if i want to :slight_smile: man it was so good, the assistant was really nice and i like her shows, she does rap/hip hop stuff.


That sounds very cool. Glad you had this opportunity

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Mrhappy I heard you sing rap hooks well

Remember this


lol, shitt man i still think i spoiled that track, you guys can edit me out if you like haha

or i can maybe rerecord my part bc i sound like i’m really stoned on that


No man I thought the same thing about myself

Zwolf thought the same about himself

It’s an old track not our best. But still solid imo

Your part was good if u ask me


thanks man, I think i defo need a lot of practice, wish i could make up raps and beats of my own, i’ll be asking at the station soon enough, the manager is also a producer ‘powercut productions’ lol

dyou think @zwolfgang would let me try and re-record my part? i have much better sound equipment and software now

@Tupac I’m up for another one if you want lol


I would be totally down to rerecord you hap but the song file was on my old laptop dont have it anymore :frowning:

We can make a new one if you want though! Also congrats on getting on the air again that sounds awesome!

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Sounds awesome Zee, I’d be up for trying a new one. 3 people on a track though idk if it works that good lol

The radio show was really fun, I shouted out the Scotland team and i sent my best wishes to Christian Ericson and his family etc, i was rusty as hell though and some of my song choices were not that great, the Library of songs is kind of Limited

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We can each do a verse or you can take the whole thing and Ill mix it how you tell me, your call

I got a really cool old beat i found if you like it Im down after work for sure

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sweet tune :slight_smile: i had some ideas already lol

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I tried rapping over it but then the song morphed into something else and quickly did not match the beat any more lol, damn, its not as easy as i thought. i did like the lyrics i wrote but on second glance they were not that good lol, it has potential maybe.

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