British seaside

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The South East can only blame themselves as they all voted Tory except for a couple of districts. :wink:

Stool as in poop?

Did someone find poop on the beach?

I has a confused.


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Yes! The Tories all voted to allow water companies to expel their raw sewage into the surrounding coastline.

It is another factor due to Brexit as the just in time delivery of volatile chemicals to process the sewage cannot be sourced any longer from Europe, so the Tories have allowed the pollution of the waterways and coastlines.

Also, the UK doesn’t have to meet European standards on water quality any longer due to Brexit, lowering standards in the race to the bottom for the UK.


Ah, I see…

So much for being “house proud.”

Clearly “shiit on the beach” is part of the Brexian anti-tourism proposal to keep everyone out of Britain.

It’s located in Clause 527-4, Paragraph 3 of Brexit legislation-- right underneath the part where England exhumes Margaret Thatcher’s ghost and gives her a judge spot on Britain’s Got Talent.


The thatcher bit really made me lol

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