Bringing it back

Hopefully this new med change im getting brings back my abstract thinking abilities and passions. I’m just blank all the time. I can’t seem to make connections to people anymore. Just can’t relate to anyone.


Did you already start the new meds or do you start pretty soon?

It’s a work in progress. It really is. I found some greater function from some changes.

Is it pre psychosis? There’s always an issue and schizophrenia is a very serious disorder. Some cognitive loss is commonly reported and you might not be back to your pre disorder levels.

Saying that. Expect better function and work towards it. It can make a huge difference!

Good luck… :slight_smile:

You can practice things like Sudoku, logic problems, memory games, etc. to help your mind stay “in the game”. I’ve heard that an active mind can help stave off things like dementia. As for passions, I don’t know what to suggest for that; I’m sorry. I understand, though; I’ve lost mine too. I hope you get your functioning back.

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What meds change are you going through?

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