Bright lights and the sun cause phycosis

I’ve tried for a long time now with no luck. I looked at bright lights and the sun for a long time and now I have a lot of problems. Some weird things happened to me and I’m the only one that can explain them. Im looking for someone that can help me explain my experience with the sun. Anything will help .

Sounds like a mild case of photosyntesis.

Jokes aside, I don’t think looking at the sun causes psychosis. It doesn’t work that way.

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I have had people say that,but not only did it cause a lot of the mental illness like seeing and hearing things,but it also cause many seizures that have happened to me.

Have you talked with doctors about this? Are you on medication?

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No doctor or friend has helped me with this issue and yes I am medication, but I don’t think it has helped specifically because of the light issue.

@Erratica is right, the sun can make things worse. But causing it I don’t think so. Keep away from the sun, and try to eat fresh things like fruit.

■■■■ I knew all those sun beds were ■■■■■■■ me up

I was laying beneath the sky one day with some good friends enjoying the peak of an LSD trip when I realized I’d been staring straight at the sun for far too long and my eyes didn’t even hurt, my vision not effected in the least.

That and a sliver of metal shavings that got stuck in the white of one of my eyes was the end of my perfect vision…but really it’s pretty damn good still, not really the worse for the wear.

it is a delusion… :ghost:.
what else are you doing around the time of ’ looking ’ at the sun. :sunny:

  1. are you drinking coke…high in sugar and can give a short lived… high :flushed:
  2. are you around other people…to much stimulation…can bring on psychosis.
  3. please tell me you are not doing weed or something…which is stupid anyway

look to see the correlation between the ’ sun ’ and the activities around your ’ sun moment… :sunny:

take care :alien: